Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Vitamin Bootstrap!

Unlock limitless possibilities with Vitamin Bootstrap and take advantage of the powerful features of Bootstrap 5. Unlock your creative potential and start building like never before. Start Exploring Now! Start Building Now!

Supercharge Your Projects with Vitamin Bootstrap

Supercharge your projects with Vitamin Bootstrap and unlock the full potential of Bootstrap 5. With more settings, like paddings, marigins, gaps, height, width, animations, opacity, filters, transforms and more, Vitamin Bootstrap helps you streamline your projects and take them to the next level with ease. Unlock limitless possibilities and start building like never before!

More spacing settings

The typical paddings, margin, gaps, now extended to 10. inspect this box and see it.


Want to adjust contrast? Maybe add grayscale or something cool? Now its possible. Check these images below:


Yes! you can also hover the filters and other new features, like opacity or scale.


Need to adjust or just want to build different? now you can use transform classes

All themes unlocked

You can use Orange, Indigo, Teal, etc, without editing any SaaS (Like we are using on this website). But also you have the typicals, like primary, warning or danger in the same file!

Cool extras

With vitamin you can customtize much better your websites, now you have classes for vw, vh, height, width, top, etc, from 0 to 100. Also you have coll stuffs like cursors (use it on this box) or opacity, discover it!

Current Bootstrap version: 5.3.0

Why we built vitamin?

We are web devs, designers, and UX/UI professionals and we love Bootstrap. However, we often found ourselves struggling to prototype quickly due to the rigid nature of Bootstrap. That's why we created Vitamin Bootstrap – an extended version of Bootstrap 5 with a lot of new features and extending the existing ones. With Vitamin Bootstrap, we are able to build faster and better while unlocking our creative potential.

Startups often need to prototype quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition. Vitamin Bootstrap helps startups do just that. With Vitamin Bootstrap, startups can create amazing projects quickly and easily – allowing them to focus on innovating and growing their business.

And the most important thing: ITS FREE.

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